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Have you ever wondered why everything in existence including plants, animals, birds, trees, space, time, and even the word ‘Existence’ itself is made up of just one word, while a ‘Human Being’ alone is made up of two words? It is because a ‘Human Being’ is made up of two distinct realities comprising of ‘Human’ and ‘Being’.

Everything that is accumulated from the outside as a part of your growing up is Human. Everything that is already a part of your reality which includes silence, stillness, creativity, passion, love, laughter, music and dance is a part of your Being.

In the quest to nurture our ‘Human’ side, we have completely ignored the ‘Being’ part of us. This has been the greatest tragedy of mankind which has created a grossly imbalanced individual and society. We have been living in a misconception that satisfying the desires of the mind is enough to fulfill and complete our lives.

There is a part of us that simply doesn’t care about the desires and accomplishments of the mind; there is a part of us that is not interested in name and fame; there is a part of us that is simply not bothered about achievements and accolades. This is the part of us that pushes us to the edge of human experiences in the hopes of breaking free.

The greatest longing of a human being is the unravelling of the inner being and its true creative expression. There is no other force stronger than the quest for inner freedom. There is no other search stronger than the search for your true identity. Finding this part of your Being is the whole purpose and essence of life.

For the first time in the history of mankind a unique attempt is being made to help individuals understand their true place in the universe. For the first time individuals are coming together to assert in one voice that they are not just perishable human beings moving towards an unknown end but rather they are eternal beings who are in search of an ultimate human experience.   

To help individuals move beyond the narrow confines of the mind and help them discover this tremendous possibility of ‘Being’ is the ultimate purpose and vision of ‘Humans Being’. We are here to connect, live, love and more importantly to fully be.